Need and Benefit


Project Need

The project is needed because the Q-143 and R-144 transmission lines have reached the end of their useful life, resulting in an increasing number of failures.  The project will address this issue by replacing the existing lines which were originally installed in 1939 and 1946.

Rhode Island Energy will also be replacing the existing manholes along the approximately 2-mile route because they are not compatible in size and layout for modern cables and (ii) are not current with industry standards and Rhode Island Energy’s standards.  The project will have the added benefit of reducing the total number of manholes by approximately 70 percent.

Without this project, the electric supply to the Providence area load will continue to be at risk due to the condition of the existing cable system.

Project Benefit

The primary benefit to the Power4Tomorrow project is to improve the reliability of the 115kV transmission system serving Providence customers by replacing the existing cables that have reached the end of their service lifespan.

The project will increase the capacity of the Q-143 and R-144 transmission lines, which will provide greater transmission flexibility in the Providence area, and allows Rhode Island Energy to better and more reliably serve its business and residential customers in the area.

To accomplish that goal, Rhode Island Energy will install modern cables that typically require less maintenance than the existing cable system. Importantly, the installation of more reliable modern cables will permit us to eliminate approximately 70 percent of the existing manholes along the route, which will create fewer future intrusions in the street infrastructure.

View Narragansett Electric’s RI Energy Facility Siting Board application.

View RI EFSB’s Order granting permission for this project.

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