Project Overview


Road Restoration

During the week of May 16, crews will begin the first phase of road restoration along the project route. The restoration process involves milling the top surface and then installing a new layer of asphalt. The initial phase will take place Monday through Thursday, 7pm-5am, between Mill Street and Admiral Street. For additional information, please see the letter that was mailed to abutters along the route or view the project map for work zones.

The balance of the project route – from Dollar Street to Mill Street – will be restored later this summer. The team will notify those impacted by the phase II work prior to the start of restoration.

Micro-tunnel Work at Route 146/Admiral Street

The final segment of underground conduit to be installed will pass below Route 146 from the grass area adjacent to the Admiral Street off-ramp to the grass area adjacent to the Charles Street on-ramp. To install this segment, National Grid and its contractors will be using a method known as micro-tunneling (a process by which conduit – or pipe – is installed using a small rotating cutting head followed by the installation of pipe segments until the two existing sides are connected). Utilizing this process will limit the impact to traffic on Route 146 and the nearby surface roads. The work is expected to be complete in summer 2022.

Phase II Construction Update

Phase II construction activity concluded in December 2021 with the majority of the underground conduit installed and the initial segments of new cable pulled. The only remaining conduit to be installed is the the micro-tunnel segment described above. Crews will return to the project in early spring 2022 to complete the remainder of the cable installation. Final restoration – including repaving curb-to-curb along the entirety of the project route, as well as any remaining sidewalk restoration – will be complete this spring and summer. Project progress can be followed on our interactive map.

Phase I Construction Complete

National Grid has concluded construction on Phase I of Power4Tomorrow with plans to resume construction on Phase II in spring 2021. There will be some light activity taking place during the winter months to prepare for Phase II, but it will not include excavation or any long-term work zone setups. All work zones will be clearly marked and protected, and a traffic management plan will be in place.


As the name implies, National Grid’s Power4Tomorrow: Downtown Reliability Project is an investment in the city’s electrical transmission infrastructure aimed at reinforcing the safe and reliable delivery of power throughout the Downtown Providence area, and beyond, for years to come.

Located entirely within existing rights-of-way – including travel lanes and sidewalks – along South Main Street, North Main Street, Charles Street and Admiral Street, components of Power4Tomorrow include:

  • Replacement of approximately two miles of existing 115kV transmission lines (installed in 1939 and 1946) located between the corner of Clarkson Street and Admiral Street Cable Terminal and Dollar Street in Providence
  • Replacement of a majority of the existing manhole locations with duct bank (underground conduit), resulting in the elimination of approximately 44 manholes
  • Re-use of approximately 60% of existing duct bank to install modern underground cables
  • Significant equipment upgrades inside Admiral St. Cable terminal to support this project

Construction began in spring 2020 and is expected to be complete in early 2022. National Grid has worked closely with city and state officials to develop traffic management plans, and will coordinate with other entities (e.g. RIPTA) whose services will be directly impacted by this construction.

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